Chris Scribner

Composer &
Sound Designer

My name is Chris Scribner and I am a specialist in all things game audio.

Through carefully crafted composition, sound design and audio direction, my goal is to provide an immersive and creative sound environment for your game to thrive in. I love collaborating with game development teams to explore new ideas and opportunities!

If you are interested in my work or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Music Composition

Sound Design

Voice Acting


Throughout my professional career and college courses, I have had the opportunity to work with a huge amount of software and hardware. Some of my skills include:

  • Music Composition: From electronic music to full orchestral productions I have made immersive, adaptive music for video games as well as for picture. I am capable of composing tracks of any intensity whether it be action or ambience to fit the mood of the project.

  • Sound Design: Our world is full of sounds. Our media environments need to be as well. With a strong attention to detail, I fill the soundscape of my projects to make them realistic when necessary with a strong focus on immersion. By utilizing field recordings, foley and synthesized sounds I carefully craft all of my sound effects with your project in mind.

  • Voice Acting/Directing & Demo Production: I have recorded several voice actors (including myself) to be the supporting voice for games and narration.

  • VA Demo Reel Production: I have worked with several voice actors to help bring their demo reels to life with carefully crafted music and sound effects as well as scriptwriting, directing and mixing.

  • Audio Implementation: I have been using FMOD for over 10 years now to implement audio into the projects I work on. I also have an intermediate knowledge of programming that helps me communicate with developers to work out the most efficient way to handle the sound engine in their games. I take a very collaborative approach between the sound and dev teams on every project.

  • Music Production: With a background in audio engineering and music production, I am skilled in all aspects of recording acoustic instruments including tracking, microphone placement, mixing and mastering. I have recorded over 40 bands working as either an engineer or producer.

  • Backing Vocals: One of my specialties is my ability to pick out harmonies and layer them to suit the production. I have performed in numerous bands and stage shows arranging multi-part harmonies to support the lead vocalists.

  • Mixing: I have mixed multiple projects in studios with SSL and Sony mixing consoles. I have vast knowledge of signal chains/analog gear and do a huge amount of in-the-box mixing and sound processing.


Freelance Composer & Sound Designer
2015 - Present

Worked on music for games of varying genres. Synced music to a number of short videos/trailers. Designed large quantities of sounds for a number of indie games.

Green Tree Games - Audio Director/Composer
2018 - Present

Worked as part of a large development team creating sounds and music for the upcoming game “Burden of Command”. We implemented a huge, immersive and adaptive sound environment with directional audio, striving for historical accuracy.

daVinci College - Instructor (Interactive Game Audio)
2016 - 2018

Taught a class on Interactive Game Audio covering the implementation of sound and music in video games, as well as some basic programming functions in C#.

2 Dogs Productions - Producer/Audio Engineer
2012 - 2016

Produced and recorded over 40 different artists across a number of different genres. Performed as a session musician, arranger and backing vocalist on many productions.

"Chris is professional, creative, and team minded. Especially valued is his organized mindset that makes him easy to work with and his kindness that strengthens subtly any team he is a part of.

But what's best?... his inspired compositions."

Luke Hughes
Burden of Command, Project Lead

"I have worked with Chris on several game projects, and he is awesome at getting it sounding just right. I can give Chris very bad instructions in describing what I am looking for in the composition, and he will still nail it very close to what I had in my head on the first try."

Jeff Mundee
Spandrel Interactive

"Chris is one of the most talented producers I've had the opportunity to work with. Brilliant is how I describe him. A great team player. Best audio engineer, musician & composer I've had the pleasure to work with in our industry."

Gilles Roger
2 Dogs Productions

"Thank you so much to the best composer in the business! We couldn't have done it without him."

Stephen Carratt
The Sun Will Rise